ASCII to Binary

ASCII to Binary converter

ASCII to binary

An ASCII to binary converter is a tool that can be used to convert text files into binary format. This is often useful for file storage, because binary files are smaller than text files and can be stored on a computer easier. Additionally, binaries can be used as a backup or Encryption tool.

What is ASCII ?

ASCII is an acronym for "ascii code." ASCII stands for eight code points. These code points are used to represent information in text. The first five code points are the ones that are used most often, and they are called the basic character set. The other codes point can be found in more specific order, but these are usually called the extended character set. ASCII is used by many computer programs and websites to help them read text more accurately.

How to convert ASCII to binary ?

  1. Paste your ASCII 
  2. Hit "Convert" button to see results

ASCII to binary converter


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