Charge Converter

Electrical charge converter

charge converter

Electrical charge converter online web tool is a helpful and convenient way to manage your electrical Charges. The tool can help you convert between different types of electrical charges and store these conversions in a safe and secure location.



Charge converter helps you convert below units :

  1. Coulomb (C)
  2. Megacoulomb (MC)
  3. Kilocoulomb (kC)
  4. Millicoulomb (mC)
  5. Microcoulomb (µC)
  6. Nanocoulomb (nC)
  7. Picocoulomb (pC)
  8. Abcoulomb (abC)
  9. EMU of charge
  10. Statcoulomb (stC)
  11. ESU of charge
  12. Franklin (Fr)
  13. Ampere-hour (A*h)
  14. Ampere-minute (A*min)
  15. Ampere-second (A*s)
  16. Faraday (based on carbon 12)
  17. Elementary charge (e)

How to use our Charge converter : Step by step

  1. Set Value
  2. Choose Required Unit
  3. Hit "Convert" button to see results

charge converter


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