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Confidence Interval Calculator

calculate confidence interval tool provide a way of quantifying the degree of uncertainty associated with a given estimate. They are used to quantify the range of values around which a population estimate may lie, and are used to assess the accuracy of a study's results. confidence intervals can be used to determine the likelihood that an observation falls within a certain range. 

What is a confidence interval?

Confidence intervals help us quantify the reliability of our research findings. In other words, they tell us how likely it is that our data collection is accurate. Confidence intervals are represented by a range, such as 95% to 99%. The smaller the number, the more certain we are that the data within that range reflects what we actually observed. This helps us to make informed decisions about our research and its accuracy.

Caveats and limitations of confidence intervals

1. Confidence intervals are a way of estimating the range of possible values that a statistic might take. They can be used to determine the reliability of a study’s findings, and to help make decisions about whether or not to pursue further research with a particular data set.

2. There are two main types of confidence intervals: simple and expanded. A simple confidence interval estimates the range of possible values for a statistic using just the sample size and the variable being studied. An expanded confidence interval includes information about how much variability is associated with each value in the population and uses this information to improve accuracy predictions.

3. One common limitation of confidence intervals is that they don’t always provide precise estimates of uncertainty; this is because they really on assumptions about how well the sample reflects the population. 

How to calculate a confidence interval

  • Set Sample Mean (x)
  • Set Sample Size (n)
  • Set Standard Deviation (s)
  • Set Confidence Level
  • Hit Calculate

Confidence Interval Calculator

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