Illuminance Converter

Illuminance Converter online web tool

Illuminance Converter

The online web tool Illuminance Converter is a valuable resource for anyone looking to measure and adjust their lighting levels. The tool allows users to input their measurements in both lux and foot-candles, as well as view their results in both graphical and textual formats. The converter also includes a handy daylight saving time conversion tool, allowing users to adjust their lighting levels for the upcoming DST change.


Our Illuminance converter helps you convert below units : -

  1. Microlux (µlx)
  2. Millilux (mlx)
  3. Lux (lx)
  4. Kilolux (klx)
  5. Lumen per square meter (lm/m²)
  6. Lumen per square centimeter (lm/cm²)
  7. Foot-candle (fc)
  8. Phot (ph)
  9. Nox

How to use our Illuminance converter : Step by Step

  • Set Value
  • Choose Required Unit
  • Hit "Convert" button to see results

Illuminance Converter

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