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Image to Base64

Converting images to Base64 is a standard task for many online users. But doing so can be difficult, especially if you don't have the right software. That's where image to Base64 Converter comes in. It is an easy-to-use tool that can help you convert any image into Base64 code.

what is base64 string

Base64 string is a code-division multiple-space (CMP) encoding of binary data. It is used to encode and decode text and other insignia in digital form. Base64 string is also used as the underlying format for many social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook. Base64 is a decoding and encoding algorithm that allows for the transmission of binary data as ASCII text. The algorithm was first devised by Mark Karpeles and Jed McCaleb, two developers at Google who were working on a project to build the first self-extracting file system. The project was cancelled after a bug was found in the codebase. Base64 is used to encode binary data as printable text, allowing for the transmission of data without having to worry about security issues. Its simplicity makes it a popular choice for online storage and communication.

How to Convert Image To Base64

Convert image to base64 using our tool.

There are many ways to convert images to base64, but the most popular and reliable method is probably the one we'll be looking at today. It's called Image To Base64 converter . All you need is a computer , Mobile ( or ) our android app with internet connection, so let's get started!

Convert image to base64 This is the easy and fast way to convert image to base64. You can get a preview of what will happen by clicking on the button below, or go ahead and check it out for yourself. Click here to learn how!

  1. Upload your image file ( *Any format) ( or ) Paste your image url.
  2. Hit convert button to convert your image into base64 file.
  3. Done

Image to Base64


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