Torque Converter

Torque Converter online web tool

Torque Converter

Torque Converter is a great piece of online web tool that can help you convert torque values between different formats. It's easy to use and has many features, so it's a great choice for anyone looking to convert torque values. Torque Converter also allows you to track your conversions and keep track of your progress.

What is Torque ?

Torque is a measure of the force applied to a rotating object. It's typically measured in Nm (Newtons) or kgf (kgf-force). Torque can be used to Torque an engine or vehicle, and it's also important in the construction of tools and vehicles.

Torque Converter helps you convert below units :

  1. Dyne-centimeter (dy cm)
  2. Kgrf-meter (kgf m)
  3. Newton-meter (N m)
  4. lbf-foot (lbf ft)
  5. lbf-inch (lbf in)

How to use our Torque Converter : Step by step

  1. Set Value
  2. Choose Required Unit
  3. Hit "Convert" button to see results

Torque Converter

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